Lady Bites Off  Rapist’s Penis


The result of evil. A man reportedly took his girlfriend to his friend’s house in Lagos.

A few hours later, the lady ran out screaming for help, saying she had been raped. Few minutes later, the man, with blood all over his body, also ran out crying for help.

•Gory photos of the incident in LagosThe girl, it was learnt, had blood on her clothes and she was given a cloth to cover herself.

When the man came out screaming, neighbours were shocked and that was when they realised that the girl bit off the man’s penis and this was done with her teeth.

•Gory photos of the incident in Lagos
•Gory photos of the incident in Lagos

It was learnt that the man was rushed to the hospital but when they got to the hospital they realised that the upper part of the penis was not there so they rushed back to the house to look for it. Luckily, they found it and took it to the hospital.

When the doctor examined it, he realised that it was dead but still went ahead to stitch it.

The man is still in the hospital.



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