Britain sentences 15-year-old boy for inciting terrorism


terrorismA British Court on Friday ordered a 15-year-old boy to be detained for a minimum of five years after he was convicted of inciting terrorism in connection with an alleged Islamic State-inspired plot in Australia.
The unnamed boy from the north-western town of Blackburn, who was 14 when he was detained by police, was given a life sentence and told he must serve at least five years until he is no longer considered dangerous.


Prosecutors said the boy had incited a teenager in Australia to carry out an attack during a centenary parade in April to honour Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) troops who took part in World War I.


“He exchanged hundreds of encrypted online messages with Sevdet Besim, an 18-year-old Australian, and was in contact with an Australian recruiter for IS forces,’’ the prosecutors said.


The judge said that police in Britain and Australia had thwarted a “major terrorist plot in its late stages’’ and found the British boy was an “organiser and adviser’’ to Besim.


The planned attack in Melbourne involved running over a police officer and beheading him with a machete before stealing his gun and using it to shoot others, Australian media reported.



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