It’s A Pity For Churches Embracing Same Sex Marriage


The presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission, (TREM), Dr Mike Okonkwo, has explained that things happening now across the countries such as same sex union and others are signs of end time as it is nothing new.

The Man of God stated the church should not be shocked about all the things that are happening and should also be prepared for more strange things that will happen also.

Bishop-Mike-Okonkwo-300x300Bishop Okonkwo pointed out that what will shock him more is if the church does not resist these things and chose to get itself involved.

“The church should not be shocked about this because they are the part of the end time event. Don’t also be surprised if other strange things follow. I won’t be surprised if bestiality is introduced. I will only be shocked if the church gets involved in it. If nations endorse it, nations don’t go by the Bible. They play politics. Parents must talk to their children and let them know that that is not the right thing,” he said.



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