Murder Of 4-Year Old Boy: Father Cries Out For Justice

The suspect, Tajudeen Azeez

The father of a four-year-old boy, Ibrahim Jamiu, who was gruesomely murdered and dismembered by a teenage apprentice, Tajudeen Azeez, in Ijanikin area of Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, has called on the Nigerian Police Force for thorough investigation.

He said his main concern is that the people who masterminded the brutal killing of his son be brought to justice.

Azeez was apprehended as he dismembered the little boy when a resident of the Otto Awori community in Ijanikin sighted him and raised the alarm.

The grieving father, Hassan, at the Department of Criminal Investigations, Yaba, after the arrest of 16 more suspects in the murder of his little boy, said that his wife – the boy’s mother – had been so devastated that he did not know what else to say to console her.

The suspect, Tajudeen Azeez
The suspect, Tajudeen Azeez

Ibrahim said he would not have suspected Azeez if he saw him with his son on an ordinary day because “Azeez’s brother always played with my son.”

Azeez slaughtered the boy and cut his stomach open to remove some body parts when he was caught

He claimed that he was paid N100 by a man who is currently on the run to kill the boy.

It is believed that the boy was killed so that his body parts could be used for rituals.

Ibrahim’s bereaved father, Hassan, said, “My wife was having some kind of pain as if she wanted to go into labour the day before the incident.

“It was a Saturday. I took her to the hospital. I left her there later and I did not know those who were planning to kill my son had perfected the plan at that time.

“I went back to check my wife in the hospital the following day and it was when I came back home that I realised my son was missing.

“If any prophet told me this was going to happen to my son, I would never have believed in my wildest imagination that it was possible.

“My son was a very sweet boy who was playful like every other child but why would anybody kill my son this way? Why does it have to be my son?”

The police said Azeez led them to the house where 16 more suspects were arrested.

The suspects were found drinking alcohol and smoking Indian hemp in a joyful mood at the time of their arrest.

They were all crying as they sat on the ground on the premises of the DCI on Wednesday. They all kept repeating that they knew nothing about the crime.

The police are still on the trail of the suspect, which Azeez said paid him to kill the little boy.



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