Musician tasks govt agencies on sanitization of industry


A musician, Tunde Adekoya, on Friday called on relevant government agencies to ensure that the lyrical and visual contents of songs are sanitized, for the general well-being of the society.
Adekoya told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that music was a strong tool that could be used in educating the masses, since it cuts across both the young and the old.?
“Education cannot be overlooked in the society because people have to learn about what happens around them on a daily basis, and with music, this is easy to achieve.
“Music cuts across every age; that is why both the young, the middle-aged and even old people can easily relate to songs,’’ he said.
According to him, as much as music enlightens, in recent times, it has done more harm than good to the society because of the negative influences illicit visual content and lyrics engender in people, especially the kids.
“People tend to emulate everything about celebrities, from their lifestyle, dress sense and sometimes their attitudes.
“Unfortunately, the lifestyle and nude dress sense of these celebrities goes against the norms and values of our society and again, it is really not what they are off the screen.
“Our kids and youths see all of these and have a wrong orientation which change prevalent ethics and norms of our society.
“I am surprised that you hear a song is banned, sometimes because of nude pictures or scenes but after a short period of time, that same song is aired even on national television,’’ he said.
Adekoya, therefore, called on his colleagues in the music industry to use their music to educate, inform and entertain the populace, for a better society.
He urged relevant government authorities to ensure that artistes who do not abide by the set rules guiding decent entertainment should be dealt with, in order to have a prolific and society-centred music industry



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