NFF Endorse Odegbami to Contest FIFA Presidency


The Nigerian Football Federation(NFF) is reported to have endorsed Chief Segun Odegbami as its candidate to run for the Presidential election of FIFA in February 2016. With the endorsement, Odegbami will join other contestants across the globe to vie to football’s number one job. In the heat up to the endorsement, Odegbami had said:

“I am not a foolish man to waste my time in a fruitless pursuit. God has given me the ability to think and properly weigh my options before venturing into the storm of a global election that would require more than just a credential as a former international football player to win.

To start with, for obvious reasons, the February elections would not be ‘business as usual’ where money would be a factor, offering bribes, buying favours and votes. It would be decided by the choice of a contestant that has pedigree, clear vision, charisma, fresh ideas and what it takes to pass the integrity test that can restore confidence back to the organization and its future activities.

It would not really matter the person’s race, colour, religion, political clout or wealth. For the first time the field of choice is likely to be really level!

The prescription is a new kind of leadership. A leadership that is untainted and untarnished by the recent past of FIFA, a leadership of exemplary conduct and character, with impeccable credentials and a proper grounding in the game in all its ramifications.

Bottom line is that in 2016 it is unlikely that the world will elect a person it does not know well enough as capable of delivering on the new expectations.”



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