Nigerian Broke Senators Denied Loans


Due to the seeming cash crunch that is affecting the three tiers of the Nigerian government, banks have refused to loan cash to some Nigerian senators.

According to reports, most Nigerian Senators have not received salaries since their inauguration on June 9.

It was also learnt that the senators had only been paid N6m housing loan, which many of them said was inadequate to get decent accommodation in Abuja.

Some of the senators, speaking on condition of anonymity, said because of non-payment of their salaries, they were forced to apply for loans from banks.

However their requests had not been granted by the banks, which were said to have cited economic difficulties the Nigerian government is facing.

Some of the senators said that they had to source money from their personal businesses to pay their aides’ “maintenance allowance”, with the hope that June and July salaries would soon be paid.



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