Player jailed 1 year for breaking opponent’s leg


football A footballer in Britain’s Sunday League has been jailed for a year after he deliberately broke an opponent’s leg on Friday.
The court said that AFC Gold Cup player, Nathaniel Kerr, 24, pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court to assault.
The court heard that Kerr jumped on his opponent, Stuart Parsons, two minutes into the first game of the season between Emigration FC and AFC Gold Cup in the Stockport Sunday league in August.
According to the report, the tackle dislocated Parson’s ankle and broke it into two places.
Parsons, 30, said the tackle caused great trouble to his life.
The self-employed window cleaner, before the injury, said his business “went down the pan” as a result of the dislocation.
The Greater Manchester Police, Cpl. Louise Spencer said that the injury has had a catastrophic effect on the victim’s life.
Spencer added that Parsons has been unable to work or support his young family.
“The arrest and prosecution has shown that aggression and thuggery during sporting fixtures will not be tolerated,’’ he said



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