Project Fame: Jennifer, Deborah, 3 Others On Probation


It was time for the top 14 contestants at the MTN Project Fame music contest to showcase the result of the week-long Academy tutelage last Saturday, and they did impress the judges with their performances. The Wild Card finalists were also on standby to battle for a spot in the Academy.

Ruby Awa-Agwu (Pearl’s twin sister), Oluchi Odii, and Nkechi Ilo were the three Wild Card finalists, having impressed a select panel of Judges after thorough scrutiny of the various entries. The evening kicked off with their individual performances. At the end of the day, Nkechi’s performance could not earn her a stay in the Academy, but Ruby and Oluchi wowed the judges that both were given a chance to compete with others in the Academy.

Project-Fame-finalistsThe judges as well as audience enjoyed the evening with less criticisms concerning the contestants’ performances. It was their first performances and no one would be placed on probation. Meanwhile, this Sunday, the contestants have spent only a week in the Academy. But with the hard work put into them by the Faculty, coupled with the Judges’ undeterred expectations of fascinating performances; it was time to find out those who have been paying attention in class.

Although they all gave beautiful performances the previous night , it was also time to see if they will again impress the Judges, Faculty as well as the audience with the evening’s performances. Failure to impress the Judges will, however, land some of them on the much dreaded probation list.

Taking it a notch higher, they all mounted the stage one after another with the determination to give it their all and shine through. While this worked out well for some, others unfortunately didn’t have it so, as they later found that the inevitable was their lot. At the end of the night, Jennifer, Tejiri, Deborah, Kunmi and Richie from Ghana were put on probation by the Judges.



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