Seun Kuti Tells African Leaders To Legalise Marijuana

•Seun Kuti

Afrobeat crown prince, Seun Kuti, currently on tour of U.S. and Europe, has intensified his campaign for the legalisation of marijuana in Africa as it’s being done in the western world.

Seun, who has not hidden his love for weeds, like his father, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, took the campaign further when he took to the social media to share a picture of marijuana packaged as a consumable in one of the cities in the United States.

•Seun Kuti
•Seun Kuti

“While the blind government of Africa are still harassing nature and holding back the economic potential of marijuana in Africa, this is what’s happening in the United States of America. #lifeondroad going on astral travel now…” he tweeted days ago.

For some time now, Seun has been condemning the non-legalisation of marijuana while cigarette is allowed to thrive.

He argued that the position of the law on the two products was illogical.

The music star stressed that cigarette which is legalised has lethal consequences, while the banned marijuana was medicinal and good for human consumption.   He said cigarette was favoured because the western world and multinationals are profiting from it, stressing that marijuana would make black countries richer than the white if legalised.



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